Alice Character Sheet


I am starting to design the character sheets for the major characters in Part 1 of my graphic novel: Kingdoms of Wonderland.

This one of Alice is still in progress as I want to include only the most important facts of each character. The following is a list of main characters that will need a character sheet designed, and will be added in the bonus section of the book:

Alice of Wonderland, the Librarian, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Maximilian (Librarian’s Lynx Assistant), the Tweedle Twins, the Smoking Caterpillar, the Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Azalea (Dark Elf Queen), Zoh’Rayle (Azalea’s second in command), Captain Victoria Speed (Rebel Renegade), and Captain Big Mama (Pirate)

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