Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game – Card Samples

Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game

AoW TCG (Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game)

These are a few samples of the initial designs we have been working on. We are getting a lot of positive feedback about this new game, and we plan on making a debutdebut
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demo at one of the upcoming Wizard World Comic Cons early this year. The artists behind the design and game play are Juan Solorzano and Troy Don, who are now fully engaged in getting this game crowd-funded on Indiegogo so we can offer some cool perks and rewards!

The card game industry is growing and gaining in popularity, but there is still a need for new games, and not just any new games. Gamers out there want a good game, one that is easy to play – yet be really fun, which is what a trading card game should be! A lot of thought and concepts have been going into the AoW-Trading Card Game starting with which characters should be in it. We think that all of the characters from our Steampunk Wonderland world should be in this game, but only a few will be included in the starter decks that will be offered to our funders, with more being offered in expansion packs and rarity cards. The game rules will be really easy to follow as we want kids and adults to be able to play this game right out of the box.

The Cards

The trading cards featured here are: Alice, Cheshire Cat, the Hatter and Brass, Lady Guinevere, the Queen of Roses, and the Librarian. The first card is the back design of all the cards, and it features a Wonderland airship, and surrounding the logo are the crests of the 8 kingdoms for this game.

The kingdoms in order of appearance on the back design are: Kingdoms of Hearts, Clubs, Steel, Diamonds, Pirates, Snow, Flames, and Roses. Each kingdom has a king, queen, and general, and other characters that belong to that kingdom. Kingdom cards will feature a kingdom crest in the top corners and bottom of the cards. Cards without kingdom crests are cards that are not bound to any kingdom, such as the Librarian, Alice, and the Dark Elf Queen. There are also rarity cards that will only be released as a limited edition, making them more valuable to collect – but some will be available during our Indiegogo campaign. More perks and add-ons will be offered as we reach certain stretch goals during the campaign. We hope that you will support and be a part of this new trading card game project!

Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card GameRarity Cards Dark Elf Queen

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