Azalea – The Dark Elf Queen (close-up)

Azalea - The Dark Elf Queen

This is a close up of the Dark Elf Queen, Azalea – in my upcoming story Kingdoms of Wonderland. The story is set in Victorian New York City in the late 1800’s, where an older Alice is taken into Wonderland once more, but this time it’s not a random visit. Wonderland itself is in danger, and the dark magic at work is the result of Azalea – the Dark Elf Queen. No longer imprisoned, Azalea is now free to take revenge on anyone that stands in her way, but her main objective is Wonderland – not to conquer it, but to destroy it!

Azalea is still a character in development and so are her evil armies. I am now active in writing the script for Part 1 of Kingdoms of Wonderland (4 chapters in each part), and will showcase the first chapter here on this website! You can follow along on my Facebook and Twitter links for updates on this graphic novel project. There will also be real live people dressing up in cosplay to represent some of my characters, and I will be attending comic conventions beginning in 2014.

Lots of activity for Steampunk Wonderland happening!

Azalea - The Dark Elf Queen

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