Back Design – Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards

Playing Card Back Design

Playing Card Back DesignThis is the finished version of the back design of my deck. It might alter a bit but will have very minor changes. This design took me a while for the concept and many hours staying up late at night to work on. It incorporates some Steampunk elements while using iconic imagery of familiar Wonderland personas. There is a reason I did not use any character’s faces on the back design, in case some were wondering. I am using all of the face cards to represent the actual characters in Wonderland, and I will include 4 joker cards to be Alice, the Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat – all with a dramatic action pose. These joker cards (or wild cards) will be featured on my kickstarter campaign as soon as they are done.

And speaking of the kickstarter campaign, I need your support in backing my project as I can’t do it on my own. It takes time, money, and other resources that are only possible if you pledge to my project. This playing card project is only the beginning, as I want to illustrate and write a graphic novel that accompanies these playing cards. My goal is to create and write an elegant and adventuresome Steampunk Wonderland story, and share it with the world. The main aim of my story is aimed at young readers, so my art and writing will be age-appropriate.

Please support this project! I am excited to be a part of continuing the saga that Lewis Carroll left us with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!!


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