Become an Original Wonderland Character!

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Want to be in our story? How about on a trading card for our new game?

You will be designed by our team of creative artists as an original Steampunk Wonderland character of your choice by pledging to the Hero’s Dream, which is available here on this site. This project is being talked about by the people at Wizard World, comic book artists, and even celebrities. They’ll probably want to get in on the action and be written into our story and also into the trading card game! This is too cool to miss, so pledge during our campaign and you will interact with Alice, the Pirate Queen, or any one of the characters in Wonderland. How cool is THAT!

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14 thoughts on “Become an Original Wonderland Character!

  1. i want to get the hero’s dream package. but i first want to make sure the character i want to use is ok with you. i meat you guys at the con in Virgina a few weeks ago and got the ok to use a character that was not me. so here it is.

    this is a DnD character of mine that i love to play when people let me.

    female half dragon half human fighter
    except for the clawed fingers and the dragon wings she looks completely human
    uses a midnight blue plate mail armor, and a tower shield. main weapon is a whip.
    has a breath attack but does not do damage (unless it hits undead) it heals.
    has flowing black hair down to mid back. green eyes. wings are a platinum color.
    white skin. she is shows some mussels but do to her heritage there not as pronounced as they should be. so she would be like Alice for body type.
    only one thing. we had to role breast size in front of the dm/gm i rolled extramly high LOL and got as a human a DD size and there is a optional rule in dnd that the dm/gm used that when you gain wings you gain breast size so she has a like a F cup. so she Huge breasts.

    might take Rachael Neiberding for a base add the wings, longer hair and black, with green eyes and clawed fingers

    for stats in dnd she has base stats as human (18,12,16,14,12,10) with half dragon template added in at level 1
    Strength: 26
    Dexterity: 12
    Constitution: 20
    Wisdom: 14
    Intelligence: 12
    Charisma: 10

    notes: whips add a bonus to trip and her claws do the same damage so when she is charged at she gets attack of opportunity (free attack) and uses them to trip the attacker this does not do damage but allows her companions to fight easyer or the person she is guarding to get away easyer and if she loses the whip she still has her claws to fight with.

    she is played as a defender type character the whip has a 15 foot reach and i take all the trip feets i can.

    if you think you can get this character in the game decently just sent me a email and i’ll get the hero’s dream pack.

  2. Thank you guys! I and my family met y’all at ROFCon and my wife got me the Hero’s Dream for my 40th birthday which was yesterday…! I am really excited about it and added the extra cards to sign last night.

  3. Hello, I met you at Ring of Fire Convention and loved your work! I wasn’t able to get your Alice of Wonderland cards at the time, but I was the one that my friend Sara got the decks for signing at Cafe Stella yesterday 🙂 Thank you so much – I LOVE them! <3

    I'd love to be a part of the Hero's Dream, but sadly am unable to afford it 🙁 It's a really nice concept, especially if it's anything steampunk (which I love!). It's a wonderful opportunity though!

    Anyway, keep up the beautiful work and I can't wait to see more from you!

  4. Female Character: Body type like Alice. The face to look like mine from the Catwoman picture and sketch you guys did of me at the Ring of Fire Con.
    Name: Princess Elise of Hearts
    Hair: Red like mine
    Eyes: Green like mine
    Age: 13-16 years old, whatever works best for being a best friend of Alice
    Weaponry: Sword and Bow – expert swordsman and archer
    Strengths: Extremely agile and acrobatic
    Clothing: Steam punk (in the spirit of Alice’s) with leather accents – you guys can pick the colors and use your creative designs for the costume
    Character Traits/Notes: Loves adrenaline, adventures, climbing, and all things mythological – very open minded, but spiritually based, extremely advanced sense of empathy, can be a bit tempermental at times, but usually very pleasant, kind, and calm, extremely tempermental if provoked or witnesses someone taking advantage of someone less fortunate, issuing extreme punishments like beheadings, or grave injustices, extremely protective of her friends, extremely intelligent, very strong willed, sarcastic, dry wit, and loves to laugh and enjoys humor, will go against her own parents if she feels they are morally and ethically wrong such as beheading an innocent person or a minor criminal, very spontaneous and sometimes says whatever random thoughts are on her mind
    Pet: White Wolf, female with blue eyes named Schafer (German word for shepherd, has two dots over the a) From Game of Thrones, “An adult direwolf is as large as a small horse, and can rip a man’s arm from its socket. Even a juvenile direwolf is quite capable of killing a man by ripping out his throat. Physically they are not simply larger versions of wolves, but have slightly different proportions than their smaller cousins: their heads are larger with a leaner, more pronounced muzzle; their legs are longer in proportion to their body, and they have proportionately larger teeth that are often used to crush bones.” I found the wolf as a pup and raised her so she is fiercely loyal and protective and will attack on command and enjoys doing so. She also loves to fetch the queen’s croquet balls especially when in mid game, which I find hilarious because the queen, my mother, gets so irate.

    I want you guys to make up my card stats based on what you think would best fit my character.

  5. I have not heard a word since April 20th, I never received my release permission form, and got no word about whether or not you got my photos. I sent an email again about a week ago, and have sent more than one facebook message, none of which have been seen. I would really like to know what’s going on, if at all possible.


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