Copyright of content on this website

It is necessary to cover the main points on copyright as we are an art-based website offering a variety of originally created products. This page is designed to help you understand what copyright is, and how it pertains to you – the customer, and the content creator(s).

All works on this website, whether in literal, visual, or audio form, is copyright Sketch2Draw. All products on this website, including digital downloads, are for your own personal use, but you may not sell or re-distribute such products without the copyright owner’s written consent.

Example: You bought a digital print and you printed a few copies. They are for you to use personally, but not commercially. You may give them as a gift, but not sell them again. It’s all about HOW you use the product you bought. The copyright owner maintains the rights to such works, including how it is used. If, for example, you wish to resell the works, then you will need to obtain a license agreement between you and the copyright holder in writing (this will grant you certain permissions which will be clearly stated in writing, but not the rights to the works).

Links to copyright information

A simple and easy explanation of copyright is provided by Empty EaselCopyright Information For Artists

Smashing Magazine also has a comprehensive, and simplified way of explaining copyright. Copyright Explained

The U.S. Copyright Office also has the sources for copyright law and what it can, and cannot, protect. Copyright Basics



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