Hero and Villain Game Cards!

Alice Game Card

We are well underway to designing the next game card project for Alice of Wonderland! This is going to be an exciting project to work on as the scope of it is just limitless! We are able to include as many characters as we want into this game to make it more fun and diverse. The main game is designed around our Steampunk Wonderland characters as well as other characters in the public domain. And while the art is going to be nothing but high quality, it will be the design of the game that will sure to make this a very enjoyable and fun experience. A lot of work is going into this new card game, with Juan and Troy both at the helmhelm
➤ (n) steering mechanism for a vessel; a mechanical device by which a vessel is steered
➤ (n) a position of leadership
➤ (v) be at or take the helm of
…by BeeDictionary.com
and creating this project first-hand. Featured here are two sample cards of Alice and Azalea – the hero and villain of the story.

Alice Game CardAzalea Game Card

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