Kingdoms of Wonderland, Part 1: Teasers!

As I begin working on this huge epicepic
➤ (n) a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds
➤ (s) very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale)
➤ (a) constituting or having to do with or suggestive of a literary epic
project of creating a 4-part graphic novel, I wanted to share with you some teaser glimpses of what I am going to be writing and illustrating. These scenes are randomly posted, in no particular order, to give you an idea of the adventures that Alice will face in Kingdoms of Wonderland – Part 1. Enjoy!


There were only eleven minutes left. Alice needed to get across 3 city blocks if she were to arrive at the library in time before it closed. As she began to cross the street, a carriage traveling a bit faster than it should nearly hit Alice and managed to soak her boots with mud from last night’s rain.

“Splendid”, Alice remarked to herself. “I just bought these boots five days ago!” She shook off whatever excess mud she could, and continued on, watching for any more close encounters with a horse and carriage. There were only eight minutes left so she began to run, ignoring the policeman at the corner who warned her about the slippery dangers of the streets.

“Yes, Mr. Waltz, I’ll try!” remarked Alice at the policeman. Mr. Waltz shook his head staring at Alice as she turned the corner and vanished. A few moments later she arrived at the front steps of the library, to be greeted by an old lady just coming out of the main doorway. “Fancy timing, deary. The library is about to close in five minutes.” said the old woman.

“Yes, I know. And thank you!” Alice replied as she briskly walked past her, trying to manage a quick curtsy to show her respect, but it was a clumsy attempt.

Alice approached the main counter and placed an old, used book with a leather cover on the desk. “Good afternoon, ma’am, I’m here to return a book.” said Alice to the lady behind the counter. It was the chief librarian, and her back was momentarily turned away from Alice. She slowly looked over her shoulder and said, “yes, I know, Alice.”

Alice looked stunned. “How did you know my..”

“Name?” replied the librarian, “your book is the only one that is due today. It says so right here on the checkout list.”



It wasn’t long before Alice realized she was no longer with the White Rabbit. The jump through the water portal gave her a mild headache. She looked about her and saw that the landscape was very unfamiliar. Tall purple trees with pink leaves circled about her, they seemed to go on forever. Then she heard footsteps nearby. Trying to get up, she felt her head spin from the 10 foot fall through the portal and clumsily stumbled back to the ground. The last thing she saw was her home in New York City just moments ago, and now she was about to be in the presence of strangers, so she thought.

The footsteps were getting closer, then louder and beating faster. Alice could see them now. “Thar be the intruder! After her!”, yelled the leader of the group.

“Pirates!”, Alice gasped!

~Juan Solorzano, Kingdoms of Wonderland – Part 1


And so the king took one look at Alice, and knew instantly that hope was renewed to all the kingdoms. For in the days past, a great and terrible darkness fell upon the land, striking fear into the hearts of men and all that is living. Alas, the king thought, the prophecy written long ago is coming to pass, and our hope is standing right before my very eyes.

~Juan Solorzano, Kingdoms of Wonderland – Part 1.


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