Kingdoms of Wonderland – the Graphic Novel

Kingdoms of Wonderland Poster

I will be launching a Kickstarter project on my graphic novel – Kingdoms of Wonderland, launching in 2014. This is the story about an older Alice who is chosen to defend – and save – Wonderland from the coming destruction. The evil Dark Elf Queen Azalea is just the beginning of Wonderland’s troubles, and the 4 kingdoms are already locked into a decade-long conflict with each other.

Airships rule the skies, pirates run amuck to strip the lands of its precious resources, and the oceans are in turmoil with the undersea kingdoms threatening to take over the lands. Indeed – Wonderland is a mess since Alice has visited this place last, but can she be the one called upon in prophecy to be Wonderland’s chosen one? First, she must face her past and come to peaceful terms with an old nemisis – the Queen of Hearts!

The genregenre
➤ (n) a kind of literary or artistic work
➤ (n) a style of expressing yourself in writing
➤ (n) an expressive style of music
➤ (n) a class of art (or artistic endeavor) having a characteristic form or technique
that I have chosen to create Wonderland in is Steampunk, which makes perfect sense since the original Wonderland was written during the late Victorian age when steam technology was at its highest peak. Characters such as Tesla, Edison, Lincoln, and even Einstein and Shakespeare will be seen in Wonderland in one special place – the Great Library of Wonderland. Time portals are controlled by only one person – The Librarian, whom is feature here.

Kingdoms of Wonderland Poster

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