Sketches for Kingdoms of Wonderland

Librarian Scene

With the upcoming graphic novel, Kingdoms of Wonderland, due to launch on Kickstarter in 2014, there are new characters that need to be designed! I have starter working on the script for the graphic novel, and I’m glad to present some of the initial art here on this blog post. More photos will be added as the sketches come out. One of the main supporting characters is the Ace of Hearts, and I have not designed this character until now. The first scene in the Library of Wonderland with the Librarian is also featured, as well as a cleaned up sketch of Alice in action as she launches herself from one airship onto another in mid-flight.

This is going to be an exciting story to tell, and I hope that you will join me from the very beginning. Stay tuned for more art and comic art panels on Kingdoms of Wonderland!


Librarian page 3Alice emotionalAlice Inks

Alice_Action Librarian SceneAce of Hearts

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