Wizard World Conventions and Updates/News

WIZARD WORLD LOUISVILLE This weekend we are at Wizard World Louisville!  Awesome city……awesome convention!!! This is the real start of our 2014 Convention season.  Meaning a couple of things!  We are now steadily doing a couple of conventions each month, without much down time between conventions.  It’s the countdown to our first two Kore Decks

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Become an Original Wonderland Character!

Heros Dream

Want to be in our story? How about on a trading card for our new game? You will be designed by our team of creative artists as an original Steampunk Wonderland character of your choice by pledging to the Hero’s Dream, which is available here on this site. This project is being talked about by

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Lady White Rabbit – progress sketch

Lady White Rabbit - progress sketch

Here’s a progress sketch of the Lady White Rabbit (the White Rabbit’s sweetie), who will be on a trading card for the game. She’s clever, witty, and sassy. She is also a book-master in the story, and often visits the Librarian as the Great Library is one of her favorite places in Wonderland. Support this

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Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game – Card Samples

Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game

AoW TCG (Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game) These are a few samples of the initial designs we have been working on. We are getting a lot of positive feedback about this new game, and we plan on making a debutdebut➤ (n) the act of beginning something new➤ (n) the presentation of a debutante in

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The Alice Trading Card

AOWTCG SampleSet

This is one of the main cards for our new Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game, which is now in development and will be a crowd-funded project – so there will be some neat rewards! This new trading card game will be designed to be played at a fast and easy paced level, with more

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New Queens to Wonderland!

Queen of Snow

It’s official! We are adding 4 new queens to Wonderland that are based on the new card game we are going to launch. In addition to our unique and collectible poker playing cards, we are working hard on both projects and are very excited about the new Alice of Wonderland card game! These 4 new

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