The Kingdom of Hearts Royals

Kingdom of Hearts Royals

The suit of Hearts is now complete!!! Back this project!                   I have been putting a ton of time and effort to bring about my visualization for my character designs in my custom deck. As mentioned before, I am using this deck of cards to create a

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Back Design – Alice of Wonderland Playing Cards

Playing Card Back Design

This is the finished version of the back design of my deck. It might alter a bit but will have very minor changes. This design took me a while for the concept and many hours staying up late at night to work on. It incorporates some Steampunk elements while using iconic imagery of familiar Wonderland

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Into the Wind!

This mini-comic consists of quick sketches in black & white, with short story-based scenes of some of the adventures of Alice and others. Let’s begin with some action, yes? ~~~ First mini-comic!! ~~~ The Airship Empress is under attack by nomads. Captain Swift is undermanned and her ship is outgunned by her adversaries. The ship’s

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