The Alice Trading Card

AOWTCG SampleSet

This is one of the main cards for our new Alice Of Wonderland Trading Card Game, which is now in development and will be a crowd-funded project – so there will be some neat rewards! This new trading card game will be designed to be played at a fast and easy paced level, with more complex rules as the expansion packs get released in the future.

The concept for this game came from the need to produce a great product that will be enjoyed by many at all age levels. Using the Steampunk characters and setting from Alice Of Wonderland will yield a large number of new characters, lands, items, machines, spells, knowledge cards, and more to the game.

The art shown here a sample of what the Alice Trading Card will look like, as well as the front design for all of the cards in the game. The first game deck will hold the 4 main kingdoms of Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds with a total of 54 cards and a custom tuck case. The other 4 kingdoms of Roses, Flames, Snow, and Pirates will be made if we can reach our stretch goal during the campaign funding. The game itself is being design as we speak, and we need you to help us in creating this new and exciting trading card game. The project will be launched on Indiegogo with a link following soon.

AOWTCG SampleSet

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