The Kingdom of Hearts Royals

Kingdom of Hearts Royals

The suit of Hearts is now complete!!!

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Kingdom of Hearts Royals










I have been putting a ton of time and effort to bring about my visualization for my character designs in my custom deck. As mentioned before, I am using this deck of cards to create a new story called Alice of Wonderland, whereby Alice takes on a new role in her new adventures as a young adult.

The old characters from Lewis Carroll’s amusing tale are in my story as well, in addition to new characters I am developing such as the Librarian of Wonderland. My adaptation of Wonderland is aimed at young readers, and they are by far the hardest crowd to entertain so I am making sure my plots and character development are something I will do with love and care. I am a big fan of storytelling and I enjoy reading a good book and watching a good film adaptation of that book.

My hope is to simply tell a fun and entertaining story and create new memories with Alice of Wonderland – which has a steampunk theme.

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