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ADThis weekend we are at Wizard World Louisville!  Awesome city……awesome convention!!!

This is the real start of our 2014 Convention season.  Meaning a couple of things!  We are now steadily doing a couple of conventions each month, without much down time between conventions.  It’s the countdown to our first two Kore Decks for Alice of Wonderland Trading Card Game!


And it’s the start of when things start cooking up here at the studio.










Right after this weekend is over we will be heading out to St. Louis!  Wizard World St. Louis is only NEXT WEEKEND!!!!  Really looking forward to heading back to the city since the freakish overnight Snow storm last year when 12+ inches of snow was dropped overnight making Sunday more or less a ghost-town at the convention.  But still…..we had an amazing time!!!

Now on to the updates that have been going on.






We are currently over 600% funded!!!  Thank you to everyone that has backed us and helped us make the Alice of Wonderland Trading Card Game a GO!!!!  We have 2 Kingdom Kore Decks coming out the end of May 2014 now!  Also, we have two different booster packs hitting being offered only on our indiegogo campaign.

Right now as we are typing this, we have 15 days still left on our campaign!  So, keep those pledges rolling in, our 4th stretch goal is almost here! You guys……and ladies are awesome!!!!!!



We have been just hitting the boards full steam since the get go.  Making sure that we are on top of getting cards completed, posting updates, answering emails, promotion, product production, talking to manufacturing companies, booking conventions, attending conventions and of course the traveling and prep time involved in doing all of these conventions.

With that we have taken on two people to help us make sure that we do not fall behind…or go crazy.

We are also going to be looking for people to help us at conventions as the summer gets closer and the closer to the release of the first 2 Kore Decks for Alice of Wonderland.  If you might be interested please send us an inquiry.


Yup!  That’s right!  After putting together the Alice of Wonderland Trading Card Game it just sort of took on a life of its own.  Right now we are writing the KORE EDITION and have a soft release of 2015. It’s going to be awesome!


We have a couple in place in certain cities across the United States.  Portland OR being our strongest being headed up by James Hayward! He’s currently attending Emerald City Comic Con this weekend spreading the word…talking to store owners and handing out flyers while he’s having a blast at a SOLD OUT convention!

If you might be interested please send us an email and what we will do is contact you with a couple questions.  If we think that we fit like puzzle pieces we will start setting you up with some materials and get you on your way.  It’s also a really amazing way to get involved, receive free merchandise, attend conventions and just get in on the ground floor.



With the release of the first 2 KORE Decks hitting everyones hands the end of May.  We are looking for game testers in areas that we will be attending conventions at.

If interested and want to know if we will be in your area please contact us at info@aliceofwonderland.com to see if we are coming to your area. If we are…we’d love to make sure everyone is pizza infused and have a awesome evening one evening that we will be attending a convention in your area!

There are a ton of things that I’m missing while typing this.  But I’d rather touch some areas than put you to sleep with a long site update.

Things are rolling!  It’s going to be an amazing ride….and we are excited to take everyone with us!

Staff – Alice of Wonderland Entertainment



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